Consultation reminder

To make the most of your visit to the clinic, don’t forget the following information and items pertaining to:

Your trip:

  • Exact itinerary: It is important to specifically detail each of the areas where you will stay. If you have a map showing the exact area, bring it in the consultation.
  • Departure date
  • Length of stay


  • Your vaccination booklet, if you have one
  • Or specific information on previous vaccines (if available)
  • Appropriate clothing for vaccination (e.g. short sleeves)

Your health condition:

  • Up-to-date list of your health problems (diabetes, allergies, etc.)
  • Detailed list of the medications you take
Making an appointment:
  • If you are several people in your family or your travel group, it is important to make an appointment in advance for each person individually. All persons traveling should be evaluated for the trip, and be present during the consultation.